2020 Recap / What’s happening in 2021

Despite this year having negative effects on us all, it has held some positives.

Particularly for this blog, which has clicked over 10,000 monthly viewers for the first time in December.
It’s a small win on a long road, but one that has me chuffed nonetheless.
I’m glad that you’ve found value from my continued posting.

2020 Recap

There were some particularly fun posts this year.
Meeting some great people like the guys from Thomas George Collection (via Zoom) and getting a pair of their boots, which I then reviewed.
Branching out and beginning to write regularly about fragrance proved to be both a fun exercise, make me some great new friends and the product was well received by all of you.
I also enjoyed shooting and writing an editorial about Midwest Trader.

Thanks to obtaining employment at Beg Your Pardon, I was able to learn and thus write about more technical subjects like trouser fits for knock knees, and I developed a particular interest in fabrics which spawned several posts (and will continue to do so).
It also improved my purchasing power, allowing me to buy and review more pieces from cool brands like Drake’s, obtain some wardrobe grails like my Barbour Beaufort (and wax poetic about how bloody difficult it was to obtain one here), a cable knit cricket sweater and a number of other things.
I also dipped into trying other made to measure products such as jeans from Adelaide Denim in Indonesia.

One of my most important learnings was to understand the total lack of importance that country of origin has on quality.
I beheld some fantastic items coming from countries like China, and some shockers coming out of traditionally premium nations like Italy and England.
I also saw some great Italian and English products.
The important lesson is that passion and attention to detail are what creates a good product, regardless of where it’s made.

Perhaps the most important article of the year as decided by the number of reads you all gave it was my guide to Ralph Lauren’s various brands.
And the most read article continues to be the very first one I ever published; the Polo RL authentication guide.

What’s in store for 2021

I still have plenty more to write about in the current scope of this blog, with plenty more brands and makers to discover.
There are a number of creative garment ideas rolling around in my head that I hope to bring to fruition.

I find myself inspired to expand the scope of the blog further.
Naturally, I’ll continue to write about menswear, and I’ll continue to write about fragrance.
However, there’s more to a good life (and my own interests) than clothing and scent.

There are a number of hobbies interconnected with the lifestyle of many menswear aficionados that I share.
Things with engines, for a start.
I’ve been playing with cars and motorcycles since I was in school, and I can see room in this blog’s content for those subjects, given the immense appreciation – especially towards old ones – for them I see among my peers.
Photography is another thing I’ve written about once, and there’s more of interest (I hope) to say on that topic.
I indulge in the odd cigar now and again, and may begin to write about them when I do.
While I don’t intend to expand my watch collection any further at this point, I will likely chronicle those in my collection that haven’t been written about.

The ongoing pandemic means that travel is not likely to happen at this stage, but I would love to get over to the east coast again and this time meet some of the movers and shakers there.

To my readers and followers, thanks for coming along on the ride so far.
See you in 2021.

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With content features ranging from appearances on popular menswear hubs (The Rake, StyleForum, Put This On) to French perfume newsletters and university course readings, Sam is a writer, designer and enthusiast in the fields of menswear and fragrance.

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