First Impressions: Adelaide Denim Co. MTO Selvedge Jeans

I decided to make a foray into trying online made to measure / made to order denim.

On a quest to replicate my trusty old vintage RM Williams jeans, I took to the online realm to see if I could find somewhere that would replicate the fit of my one pair of blue jeans.
I came across Adelaide Denim Co. through the recommendation of Jared Acquaro.
The company is Indonesian based, not bearing any relationship to Adelaide SA, my hometown.
However, the name was certainly a nudge for me in deciding to purchase here.

I ordered my pair right as the Covid-19 fiasco was ramping up.
As a result, there were considerable shipping delays (a couple of months’ worth), with the package being returned to Adelaide’s HQ at one point.
However, the package finally got to me, and I’m quite happy with the result!


Adelaide conduct their business through WhatsApp and Instagram messaging, forgoing the use of a website.
They use three accounts; one main account, one account dedicated to their fabric catalogue and one to show how they use the measurements for MTO orders.

The MTO was of considerable interest to me as I really wanted to replicate the fit of my old jeans.
Being new to selvedge denim, I asked Adelaide for a recommendation of a good fabric, as I had no idea where to start.
They recommended their ‘Samurai Lot V’, a 16.75 oz indigo dyed denim.
Spoiler alert: the fabric was a great recommendation.

It’s weighty, drapes well and looks good with tailored jackets.
There’s a nice bit of texture to it.
It’s sanforised, meaning it’s been washed once to reduce shrinkage.

I put them on as soon as I was done photographing them.
The experience of putting on a brand new pair of stiff-as-a-board jeans was a new one for me, and I found that I quite enjoyed it.
There’s something innately amusing about putting on a pair of pants that’s standing up on it’s own.
It certainly adds to the feeling of sturdiness.

The Product

I’m impressed with the workmanship on this pair of jeans.
The fit is as good as my old RMs, but with much better fabric and finishing.
It’s nice to see a sturdy construction, with a heavy duty leather tag, and multiple stitching in spots prone to wear.

The pocket inners are made using wabash fabric, which looks right at home with the theme.
At 100USD including shipping (pricing does vary depending on which fabric you choose), it’s a great value for money product.

I really like their attention to detail with the packaging as well.
It looks fantastic, with an old WWII fighter pilot style.

I’ve been wearing these jeans multiple times per week ever since receiving them.
They’ve instantly become the most worn item of clothing in my wardrobe, and it’s been great.
The only fit issue I’ve experienced compared to my old RMW jeans is that the fork measurement is a touch off, resulting in a little bit of billowing at the bottom of the front rise.
However, this isn’t really something that can be fixed just using measurements. It’s one of the limitations of online made to measure ordering in general.
Happily, the issue is quite minor with these jeans, and I can easily wear them without it requiring any alteration.
And wear them, I have.

They go with everything.

I was particularly pleased to discover that these pair quite well with my camel coat, which I’d previously had a difficult time pairing with other items in my wardrobe.
It always felt too casual for slacks, but too formal for other cotton trousers or denim.
This pair, however, has bridged the gap, and that makes the purchase worth it alone for me.

A Neat Bonus Gift

I also found, slipped into the rear pocket of the jeans, a keytag.
This was made from denim fabric, attached to a push-style hook for clipping to your pants.
It’s a unique touch, and feels very sturdy.
I put it on my motorcycle keys, and ride everywhere with it now.

Zoom in and you’ll see it.

Overall, despite the inevitable shipping delay, I’m really satisfied with these jeans.
The quality is fantastic, and the value proposition is hard to beat.
As far as the capabilities of online MTM go, this experience showed me some possible limitations of ordering online but it was a very positive first experience.
I’ll be very likely to order from Adelaide Denim again in the future.
Given that Indonesia isn’t too far from Australia, I’d like to make the trip to visit them when international travel becomes a possibility again.

Find them on Instagram at @adelaide_denim.

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