My New Summer Love – The Drake’s Linen Overshirt Reviewed

Overshirts, or shirt jackets, have become quite a thing recently.

A sort of follow on from the belted safari jacket, an item with which the menswear world’s obsession seemed to fade very quickly, the overshirt has proven somewhat more timeless.
Taking the same concept of a straight cut shirt jacket with anywhere from two to four pockets, and a beltless silhouette, almost every brand has been purveying one recently.

The one that caught my eye the most was the linen overshirt from Drake’s, being that it’s summer here in Australia.

I’d been looking for something a little more casual than a tailored linen sportcoat, that could be worn interchangeably with any outfit where a sportcoat would work.
So I landed on the brown one from Drake’s in their archive sale a couple of months back.

Drakes London Linen Overshirt Review

The design, fit, feel and finishing are great.
I like the point collar, which has a decent amount of interlining in it so the collar can be popped and stay that way.
This collar will not have troubles with flacidity.

The jacket sized buttons work really well with the style, something that I wish I had considered when designing my own belted safari jacket last winter.

I wasn’t initially sure about the pocket placement; three pockets on the outside and one of the breast pockets being on the inside, with the outline of it visible on the outside.
However, it grew on me quickly and I like what it brings to the table.

Being a fan of pleated pockets, naturally I love the appearance of the flapped, pleated patch pockets on this garment.

Drakes London Linen Overshirt Review

After consulting the sizing chart, I ordered an L.
The fit is spot on for a ready to wear garment, aside from the sleeve length.

It’s comfortable in the chest and waist, with enough room for my large seat.
The length is perfect for this style of garment.

I’ll have to get around to having the sleeves shortened, but for now I’m quite fine just rolling the cuffs up once they’re buttoned.

Drakes London Linen Overshirt Review
Drakes London Linen Overshirt Review

The linen feels like a sturdy mid weight, with a lovely brown hue of dye.
It has good drape, and is comfortable.
Which is handy, since the garment is completely unlined.

The lack of sleeve lining does make it catch on the sleeves of long sleeved shirts, however the breathability is a big plus.
This also ought to make the garment machine washable, though I would hesitate to do so in case of shrinkage.

Drakes London Linen Overshirt Review
Drakes London Linen Overshirt Review

In the short time I’ve owned this jacket, I’ve found occasion to wear it a number of times.
It’s proved to be incredibly versatile.
This overshirt, jacket, shacket (or whatever you want to call it) is my new summer love.

I’d call this one a win for the Drake’s design team, and I look forward to wearing it in for some lovely patina over the coming years.
In fact, I liked it so much, I bought another one in a more adventurous colour in the most recent archive sale.
Couldn’t help myself.

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