About Me

Location: Adelaide, Australia.

Some years ago, I developed a genuine passion for menswear as a result of a body transformation that resulted in me realising that I could look great for the first time in my life. As I decided I wanted to learn more about the topic through reading, I found that the majority of easily accessible content was either heavily corporatised advertorials, or publications that focused more on readers who wore formal clothing every single day. This didn’t quite hit the niche that I found myself in, wanting to enjoy wearing suits and tailored clothing regularly but not wanting to be the ‘suit guy’.

As a (then) uni student, I wanted to create a voice that was approachable to men from all walks of life. It doesn’t take a great amount of money to look after your appearance; and while money certainly helps in acquiring clothing, it isn’t all about the currency (though the more you have, the better quality garments you can acquire). Good style is something that men of all ages and pay grades can attain, with the right information and a healthy dose of self-expression.

My voice and point of focus has grown as I have ventured further into my journey, and I explore more expensive and exquisitely crafted options as time goes on. However, the principles behind finding a great maker, sourcing great items or finding the (almost) perfect fit can be valuable regardless of your current circumstances, both in style and in finances. My documentation of my own journey is done in the hope that any lessons you can draw from me are pointers that stay with you for life.

My vision for SamTalksStyle is simply to help guide you to your own sense of style. You don’t have to do everything I do, and I don’t have to do everything that others do. That’s why it’s called personal style, after all. I’m here to share my take on things, and help pave the roads less trodden by sharing my experiences. It helps me learn, too.

And above all, I’ll try to keep it interesting…

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