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SamTalksStyle, based in Adelaide, Australia, has a unique audience with an eye for the finer things in life.


In 2021, recorded a read count of 160,000, across a distribution of 124,349 unique readers. A cross-section of this audience includes people with a variety of interests; primary topics of interest are sartorial clothing, fragrance, shoes, cigars and watches. Geographically, readers are distributed across over 180 countries across the world. Primary densities include the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and India; further notable bases of readership include the Phillipines, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, France, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Sweden.

History and Mission

Now in operation for over two years, has experienced rapid and continual growth with an ever-expanding audience, which continues to grow in size each month. Sam has established a reputation for a voice of timeless style and quality.

If your brand is a purveyor of luxury, artisanal, sartorially inspired (or any mix of the three) goods and/or experiences,’s readership will be an ideal audience for you.
Please get in contact via email at the below address, and we can see if our ethos aligns:


Primary Location:
South Australia