Grail! Old Style Cable Knit Cricket Sweater

I’d long been searching for a classic cricket sweater.

Also known as a tennis sweater, the style involves a chunky cable-knit sweater – usually in white – with a short cut, wide ribbing and contrast embroidery following the V line and above the waist ribbing.
The traditional cut also features a deeper V cutout than we’re used to with modern V neck sweaters, which makes them ideal for wearing with ties, as opposed to modern cuts which tend to work better tieless.

Naturally, being a vintage style, wanting an old-fashioned cricket sweater meant having to hunt around and do a lot of waiting. But the hunt has finally come to an end.
A short time ago, I noticed that a Polo Ralph Lauren one had hit the racks at Midwest Trader.
So I called in the next time I was in town, and tried it on.

And it was a fit!

The sweater was tagged as a medium size, which initially had me thinking it wouldn’t fit. I tend to take a Large in alpha sizing. However, since I was already there I decided to try it on anyway.
It was a good thing I did, because it ended up fitting just about perfectly.

It’s everything I wanted, following the classic style to a T with a cropped cut and wide ribbing, perfect for wearing with high waisted trousers. The chunky knit makes it a natural companion for the likes of tweeds and other textured winter fabrics.
It’s made from a cotton-cashmere blend, which is surprisingly warm given the high balance of cotton.

Despite having wanted one for so long, and it being the cold season now which is the perfect time to wear it, I haven’t worn it much. Maybe it’s partly because I wanted it for so long, that now I have it, I want to keep it perfect. After all, white does dirty easily.
Or, maybe because I shelled out a decent price for it – considering I’m a university student – I could be a little afraid of spoiling it.
Either way, I’ll have to make myself wear it more.
I look forward to slipping this sweater on every time I want to wear my tweed jacket and a tie.

Concluding Thoughts

I’m stoked to finally have one of my grail wardrobe pieces. My other big winter want was a Barbour overcoat, which I also have on the way (I bought a Classic Beaufort). I think this sweater will go great with the Barbour as well.

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