Online Made To Measure Jeans Review

Continuing in my exploration of online MTM, I tried Luxire, one of the most popular firms.

Established in 2012, Luxire has obtained the limelight primarily through their online made to measure trouser programs, which include several styles of pant.
They’ve since expanded to a variety of shirting, jacketing, outerwear and accessories, with a firm focus on the price/quality ratio value proposition.
I’d seen dozens upon dozens of people talking about their experiences with them online, with a myriad of opinions regarding the end results.
These ranged from miraculously perfect first time fits, to disaster stories.
A fair few menswear influencers have been engaged to promote the brand, which doubtlessly contributed in some part to the growth of the brand, however they continue to be a popular choice for people who wish to try online MTM.
They even have a very long and continuing thread on StyleForum dedicated to them.

Thus, it was natural to me that I should try them in my continuing experimentation with made to measure denim, which started with Adelaide Denim Co.

What I Chose

Having already obtained a pair of indigo selvedge denim from my first experiment, I still had three categories I wanted to fill.
The first being a light blue wash, second being white denim, third being grey denim.
Seeing that they had a promotional offer on a light wash denim fabric for a very good price, I took the plunge.
They also had an offer on white denim, but the fabric composition contained some synthetics, and I like my clothing composed of naturals with nil stretch.

I chose the light wash.
Upon arrival, I was pleased to note a nice slubby texture to the denim.

Luxire Online Made to Measure Jeans Review
After a few wears. The fabric wrinkles easily.

Just like with my previous order through Adelaide, I used the measurements of my trusty old vintage high rise R.M. Williams jeans as specifications for the new commission.
This allows me to make a stronger comparison between makers, and it’s the same set of measurements I’ll use for any made to measure denim from this point forward.


Luxire’s ordering process for jeans is fairly simple, though the site did sometimes suffer minor breaks and hangups, notably long loading times, when making detail selections.
I guess this is to be expected with a system so relatively complex, and thankfully there were no major breaks requiring refreshing or restarting the process.

Their standard jeans design utilises a button fly; I requested a zip fly instead, as I’ve never been a fan of button flies.

The measurement input interface was straightforward and intuitive to use.

Payment is collected using a Shopify interface, reliable and user-friendly. I placed my order, received a confirmation email and it was time to wait a few weeks.

Shipping and Delivery

Given that Luxire’s manufacturing facilities are located in India, and knowing of the frequent Covid-19 lockdowns happening in the nation, I expected to wait up to three months.
One good thing was Luxire’s regular situation updates in their Styleforum affiliate thread, letting people know what was happening with their ability to manufacture.

I was pleasantly surprised that the jeans were actually shipped around one month from the order date, though I did find it a touch odd that the only shipping confirmation was an automated DHL notification saying a shipment from Avacci Telagio (Luxire’s corporate registered name) was on it’s way.
There wasn’t a despatch confirmation email, and I wasn’t aware of a link between the names Avacci Telagio and Luxire until I saw the text notification and Googled it.

The name is mentioned at the end of Luxire’s About Us page, though it would perhaps be a good idea to include a note in the checkout page saying to expect a shipping confirmation text containing the Avacci Telagio name, to avoid any customer confusion.

The Product

The jeans arrived in a plain white cardboard box, with no branding.
Simple, minimalistic, efficient.
In line with their price/quality ratio value proposition, not wasting time on fancy packaging.
Also not the most exciting unboxing.

The first thing I noticed when getting the jeans out of the box is that the fabric is very light and airy.
Definitely warmer weather wear.
Which is fine for me, as I consider a light wash to be of a more summery character, although I’ve found that it wrinkles quickly and unattractively.
I don’t think it drapes particularly well, especially compared to heavier denims, as you’ll see further down this page.
There is plenty of fabric left for letting out through the legs, which I appreciate.

Luxire Online Made to Measure Jeans Review

The finishing is neat and tidy, though there’s little in the way of reinforcement.
They’re not built to be worked in.

The Fit

It’s interesting to see the variance between two different makers using the same measurements.

The first thing I noticed was similar to my previous online MTM jeans commission; a fit issue in the fork.
It shows up much more notably on this pair; I’m not sure whether it’s due to the fabric or the make, but it’s to the point I’ll probably require alteration to be fully comfortable wearing these jeans.

Luxire Made to Measure Jeans Review
Worn with tweed jacket, tattersall shirt and knitted tie.

It’s less of an issue when wearing a tailored jacket over them, as the quarters hide the issue.

Lengthwise, they’re perfect.
The front rise on these feels like it sits a tad lower than the reference pair.
However, this pair fits better at the back of the waist than the reference pair does. I get no gapping when sitting down.
These jeans have slightly more taper to them than the reference pair also.
I do prefer a straighter cut, but it isn’t an excessive taper.

Concluding Thoughts

The price to quality ratio is certainly solid with these jeans.
While the fabric and finishing might not be up there with my idea of sturdy jeans, the quality is better than anything I could buy off the rack.
The same is to be said with fit, since the rise can be as high as the order specifies.

However, it’s become clearer to me that there are some issues, namely fork, which simply cannot be accounted for in online MTM ordering without a trial pair.
Which will usually bring the cost up to what you’d pay for an in-person MTM experience.
There are certain issues that need to be seen and addressed in person.

This being said, if you’re dead set on using online MTM, you could do much worse.

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Sam founded STS in 2019 to help his fellow man to dress (and smell) fantastic, and most importantly to enjoy it! He works as a fitter at the made to measure tailoring store Beg Your Pardon in Adelaide, South Australia.

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