The Casio A500: A Time-Travelling Timepiece

There is a big wave of nostalgia for retro style digital watches at the moment. The Casio lineup has been faring very well in this wave with two of its retro models the F91-W and A158 reappearing on wrists everywhere thanks to their nostalgic charm and sub-$40 price tag. If you are willing to bump that up to between $65 and $80, you can go one level up and get a feature-packed watch that looks great and has all the bells and whistles: the Casio A500 range.


A Sub-$100 Mechanical Watch With Minimalist Cyrillic Charm

As soon as I saw this watch, I fell in love with it. The one hand concept spoke the right language of laid back attitude. I bought one direct from Belarus a few months back for ~$80AUD, and it as seen more wrist time than almost any of the others in my collection. Today I share about my experience with this timepiece.

Sam Approves: Product Review of the Chester Barkly ‘Sweat Free Tee’

Sweat. It is something we do not like to talk about, unless the conversation involves the gym. However, for many men sweat is a daily occurrence and a daily problem. Excess sweating can seriously hamper your choice of wardrobe and make you feel quite self conscious, this is an especially regular occurrence during the scorching Australian summer. I was one of the affected for some time. I then found out about the product offering of sweat proof undershirts, and discovered Melbourne company Chester Barkly.