Capri collar overshirt from Prologue Hong Kong

I’ve been seeing a lot of this Hong Kong based brand online lately.

With lovely rounded cuts to their tailoring and some interesting casual pieces in the mix of their offering, they’ve been generating a good bit of buzz lately.
I found my interest piqued by their vision and style, and decided that something bearing their name must eventually find its way into my wardrobe.

Being in the tailoring industry myself, I tend to avoid buying ready-made tailoring as I can easily get most things I want made for myself.
The exceptions are wild fabrics or very unique designs.
Prologue’s capri collar overshirt checked the box for the latter, sporting a trucker jacket-esque design that I thought could be a solid addition to my casual wardrobe.

Prologue Hong Kong capri collar overshirt review

I purchased mine in the tobacco linen, which in the flesh appears as a rusty, orange hued brown.
It’s quite a striking colour, yet also muted and versatile.
The fabric itself is soft from the get-go, and light in weight.

There is no lining present in the garment, utilising the maximum breathability of the cloth.

Overall finishing is very neat, and feels sturdy.
A lightweight interlining is used to achieve the ample roll to the collar, and a hardiness to the cuffs.
The cuffs are a single button barrel cuff, like on a casual shirt.

Prologue Hong Kong capri collar overshirt review

Going by the sizing charts, I went for the 50.
This indicated the shoulder and collar should be correct, with a lengthy sleeve that I would roll back like I do with my Drake’s linen overshirt.
The chest would be on the slimmer side of tolerance, and as I would find out, the sleeve would be tight at the bicep.
In retrospect, I should have sized up, making for a dropped shoulder seam but a more comfortable fit throughout.

I also found that the cut is much better suited to a man with a less ample seat.
I can comfortably button the overshirt until the last button, which is stretched due to my unusual body shape.
When I eventually afford to have the surgery that will remove my excess abdominal skin from weight loss, I may find the case to be different.

I’ve found that shorter style jackets such as this tend to accentuate my wide seat.
No fault of the maker or the garment, just a lesson in proportions that I’ve learned the hard way through acquiring a couple of short jackets at this length in the hopes that I’d look better in them than I do.

I can get around it by wearing this overshirt with a mid rise casual pant such as my vintage Levi’s 505s, rather than wearing it with a higher rise pant.

Prologue Hong Kong capri collar overshirt and vintage Levi 505s

The best niche it fits into for me, however, is this:
Thrown over a pair of wide leg linens and an untucked tee.
I always wear it unbuttoned in these instances, and I like the relaxed casual feel of it.

Something for everyday casual wear, or perhaps a low key pub meal by the beach.

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