5 Ways To Wear Seersucker Trousers In Your Outfit

I recently picked up a pair of seersucker trousers, in a classic blue and white pinstripe. Initially I thought they would be an easy pairing, but I quickly found that they didn’t actually go with a lot of the clothing – especially shirts – in my wardrobe.

So, I decided to challenge myself; five different outfits incorporating seersucker trousers in five days. Here are the results!

Day 1:

To start, I decided to combine the pants with a sky blue shirt, silk knitted tie and Corneliani linen sport jacket. The pocket square is a linen piece with navy edge trim from John Henric. I got this idea from Arnold Steiner, who mentioned to me that the textures on seersucker and knitted ties play well together. I quite liked the result!

Day 2:

I was feeling more casual on day 2, which resulted in me deciding to opt for my lightweight cotton Harrington jacket. To keep with the blue and white colour scheme, I threw on a white pique polo from Charles Tyrwhitt.

The resulting image gives off a bit of a preppy ’90s sitcom character vibe.

Day 3:

The temperature was absolutely scorching on day 3 at 45 degrees Celsius, so I opted for a simple t-shirt and flat cap from Hills Hats with a woven cotton belt. The hat is a nifty little piece, made from recycled Cuban coffee sacks.

Day 4:

Day 4 was another scorcher, and the air was thick with dust and smoke. I donned the coffee cap once more, with a paisley cotton bandana to bring up around my face when I stepped outside. I chose the red bandana to harmonise with the embroidered pony on the PRL polo shirt.

Day 5:

I got to dress it up again on day 5, so I once again wore my linen jacket; this time I paired it with an indigo denim popover shirt from John Henric (review coming soon). I used the same pocket square as on day 1, which again found itself right at home in the outfit.

There you have it!

Five different ways to wear seersucker in your outfit, ranging from dressy to super casual. One thing this challenge did teach me was that seersucker is probably best in a suit, rather than as odd trousers or jacket. However, I now have a few outfit options and some more ideas to experiment with!

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