A Cuban Themed Party Outfit

I attended two themed parties recently. The second was a Cuban theme.

This called for a sun and summer inspired outfit, with clothing designed to look and feel cool and breezy.

As soon as I received the invitation, I knew EXACTLY what I was going to do.

I was going to build this outfit around a very special shirt…

…and light up a cigar.

The Look:

How It Came Together

Built Around My Favourite Summer Shirt

My instant go-to garment for this theme is my palm print camp collar rayon shirt. This one’s got some cool history, as it’s a vintage 1980s piece and the brand – Paradise Found – is the one who supplied the array of colourful shirts worn by Tom Selleck during the iconic TV series Magnum, p.i.

I love that show.

I love the shirt too, and have worn it in a few other outfits recently:

It’s a relaxed yet flattering fit, and is really good on hot days. The rayon fabric is cool and breathable.

The Rest:

I didn’t have to do any shopping for this outfit, as I already had everything I wanted in my wardrobe.

Safe to say, my wallet was happy.


Summer colour was the order of the day here, so I chose a pair of coral coloured cotton tailored pants by Ralph Lauren.

They’re a fairly straight cut with a slight taper, but enough flow to make a good summer pant. They’re a tad tighter on my quads than I’d prefer, but they’re okay.

They used to be a favourite of mine, but I have found myself wearing them less lately. Probably because I’ve come to prefer linen and seersucker at this time of year.

I’ve worn them in a few different levels of dress in the past:


I wasn’t originally planning to wear a jacket with this outfit, but the weather ended up requiring one. I threw on an off-white Anthony Squires jacket that I had thrifted literally the day before.


I reached straight for my favourite pair of loafers: beige mocassins by Loake. I bought these to give some of my summer outfits a Miami Vice vibe but I’ve found them to be super versatile. They were perfect for this look, in my opinion. I really like the pairing of these loafers with the coral pants.


I immediately reached for my flat cap from Hill’s Hats for this one, which is made from recycled Cuban coffee sacks. It lent a touch of authenticity to the outfit.

My woven leather belt – acquired from Peter Webber Menswear – was a given for inclusion in this outfit.

That’s all for today!

For more themed party outfits, make sure to check out my other Prohibition themed post.

For those of the smoking inclination, my stick of choice for the night was Romeo y Julieta’s No. 3.

What was the last theme party you attended?

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