The Harrington Jacket

The most versatile casual jacket?

The Harrington jacket – named after an old American TV character called Rodney Harrington who regularly sported them – is a collared form of bomber jacket. With origins as a weatherproof sporting garment, the Harrington has evolved over time into a staple casual wardrobe item.

It’s one of the most versatile jackets you can own. The Harrington is a perfect choice for any outfit you don’t feel like throwing a tailored jacket over.

There are a few popular variations, and a variety of versatile colours.

Popular Models

Perhaps the most iconic Harrington jacket is the Baracuta G9. It’s a 50-50 cotton-poly fabric which is weather repellent, and is usually cut for a loose fit.

A popular variation on the G9 style is to have a regular shirt style collar in place of the dual button collar.

Some of the most well known makers of Harrington jackets include Merc, Polo Ralph Lauren and Ben Sherman. However, the majority of clothing brands have a Harrington design in their portfolio.

With the Harrington’s transition from sporting garment to fashion piece, the variety of fabrics used to construct them has enlarged; many are available in cotton such as my personal Harrington which is from Calibre.

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Most Versatile Colours

Harringtons are available in a variety of colours, but there are a few that will serve your wardrobe best.

Mine is navy blue. I’d like to acquire another one in khaki or red, which I think are the most versatile two colours you can get with these jackets. Darker shades of green are also an excellent alternative.

Black is another readily available option, though not so versatile.

Another popular option is a blackwatch tartan print, which I love the look of.

Mini Lookbook – Styling Ideas

Here are a variety of looks I’ve put together with my navy Harrington jacket. Mine is a lightweight, unlined cotton which is suited to warmer temperatures, whereas a classic like the G9 will be better utilised in a slightly cooler climate.

It’s a fantastic style of jacket to pair with casual button front shirts, polos and tees.

The Harrington has a place in every wardrobe.

It’s the perfect between seasons casual jacket. Get one in a versatile colour or blackwatch print, and you’ll see plenty of use from it.

Overwhelmed by the sea of options? Check out this MFA Harrington comparison post, it’s really useful.

That’s all for today!

If you’re in the market for a casual jacket, this is your ticket.

Are you a fan of the Harrington, or do you prefer a different style of casual jacket?

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