How To Get Comfortable With A Drastic Style Change

Despite the troublesome times that the COVID-19 virus has brought, there is one silver lining if you’ve been considering a style change.

And this silver lining is brought to you by the concept of self-isolation. This post will be short and sweet, because the concept I want to talk about right now is simple.

Getting used to seeing yourself in a drastically changed style.

Getting Used to the Reflection in the Mirror

The only way to feel at home in your chosen personal style is to be comfortable in the looks that you put together. That means if you’re used to only wearing your shirts with an open collar, your first time wearing a tie isn’t going to feel ‘normal’.

And in my opinion, that means you should be trying that style experiment in a judgment-free comfortable environment. What better environment fits the bill than trying it at home?

This is what I do.

Whenever I’m trying something for the first time, I wear it around home. I give myself some time to adjust to seeing myself in something different, like when I tried wearing a pair of seersucker trousers for the first time. It was the same deal when I first tried wearing a tee with tailoring. I decided I could get used to seeing myself in that, so I started wearing it out on occasion. It snowballs on from there, the more times you wear something the more comfortable you’ll be in it.

And this right here, is how you can utilise the self-isolation recommended in the current COVID-19 crisis.

You’ll be spending plenty of time at home, so why not try experimenting with your personal style?

I hope that all of you, dear readers, will stay safe and healthy during this time.

See you on the next post,


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Beginning to blog at the start of his menswear journey in 2019, Sam founded this site to reflect the journey. Sam is now heavily involved in the Adelaide menswear store Beg Your Pardon, also co-launching Sartorial Social Club in 2021.

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