Trimly Shoe Trees and Shoe Care Products: Unboxing and Review

I’d been wanting some decent shoe trees for a long, long time.

The problem was – being in Australia – the options were either overseas and expensive to import, or just plain expensive. So I went without decent wooden shoe trees for a long time. Until I found out about Trimly, who sell shoe trees at $34 a pop or in packages for a small discount.

They sell shoe care goods as well, so I picked up a leather cleaner alongside some conditioner and neutral polish to upgrade from the supermarket stuff I’d been using on my shoes.

A quick mention: the delivery was REALLY fast!

Before delving into the goods, I wanted to mention the service; I ordered on a long weekend and the package was dispatched on the Monday despite it being a public holiday. I had it on my doorstep by Wednesday!

The Trees

I ordered 3 pairs of EU43-44 sized trees. They’re sturdily built with good cedar wood, and a split toe design which fills out the inside of the shoe. They’re a massive upgrade over the dinky plastic things I used to have.

I’ll definitely be getting myself some more.

Shoe Care Products

I ordered a cleanser lotion, conditioner and some neutral polish. I decided to test them out on a sad looking pair of penny loafers:

I just gave these a clean, condition and soft shine. Seeing the results got me enthused and I decided it was time to have a crack at practising mirror shines for the first time.

For this experiment I used a pair of vintage Florsheim Imperial tassel loafers I recently thrifted. I followed this shoe care guide from Ringo Mok.

It was my first attempt and I have plenty of practise left to achieve some of the really good results I’ve seen around the place.

With this particular go I could have used a couple more coats of polish, and buffed for longer. The leather could probably use some more hydration too.

Still, on video I could see myself waving and a dull reflection of myself. Not a bad first attempt.

All in all: a good experience.

I had a couple of questions about the products and reached out via email, the response was prompt and helpful. The prices are reasonable and the dispatch time was excellent.

I’ll definitely be shopping with Trimly again.

That’s all for today!

Good shoe care is important, and worth investing in. It’s great to have an Australian company offer affordable options for quality shoe care. Some people even find it therapeutic to sit and shine their shoes regularly; do you?

You can visit Trimly’s website here.

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