Authentication Guide: Verifying Armani Exchange / Emporio Armani

mani Exchange (A|X) and Emporio Armani are - in my experience - the two most commonly found Armani product lines in thrift/vintage stores and from 3rd party sellers on sites such as eBay. As with any desirable luxury brand, there are bound to be counterfeits; here are some telltale signs to look for when trying to ascertain whether your possible purchase is the real deal.


A Guide to Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are staple style which have been a must own in men's wardrobes for centuries.They are timeless and a good dress shoe can be a wonder of aesthetics. It is a complex topic if you delve deeply into it, with a number of styles and a small library of terminology. Today, we will go through a crash course in dress shoes; covering the anatomy of a shoe, overall styles, toe styles, fastening systems and common materials used.

A Guide To Common Styles of Boots

Boots are fantastic footwear. There are styles to suit every occasion, from a hard day of manual work to a sophisticated, luxurious setting. The plethora of styles available can make it hard to choose, with so many appealing choices it can be hard to make a decision; especially if you are looking to buy your first pair. To make your next choice a little easier, let's go through some common types of boots and how you can style them: