Commissioning my First Suit

After contemplating the thought for some time - and saving up - I have finally commissioned my first tailor-made suit. In this post I will share my experience in the first step of the process with Knightsman and a few thoughts on stepping into the world of custom suits.


Tailored Jackets and Backpacks Do Not Mix

Backpacks and other over the shoulder bags are very popular ways of carrying your things, thanks to the practical nature of them. They are a staple of young people's accessories. The familiarity means both are popular choices among men entering the professional workforce. Unfortunately, this means they are often worn over suits and blazers; a sure-fire way to ruin the jacket quickly.

Video: It’s OK To Feel Good About Your Appearance

I came across a YouTube video recently where the guys from Netflix's Queer Eye gave a makeover to the husband of a People magazine writer, and it really drove home an important point. The recipient of the makeover was a handsome man, who had absolutely no thought of himself that way. He was a man who had no self-confidence when it came to his appearance, even though he could - and should.