Knightsman Suit Commission Update

We hit a little roadblock.

It was on my end, not theirs. I went and got ill, losing somewhere in the region of 8kg in a week. This of course played havoc with my measurements.

My chest measurement alone dropped 5cm. This means we can’t really finalise the fit until my weight normalises again. Still, we were able to make some progress at the fitting with the tweaking of some details.

I didn’t think to take photos, but luckily Milap was kind enough to send me a couple of his reference photos.

The story so far:

The overall fit was slightly on the tight side when I first dressed, but most of these issues were quickly fixed. There’s a bit of drape in the chest which may become less noticeable when my weight returns to normal. It won’t disappear altogether as it is designed to have some remaining drape to cope with my large chest.

The dimensions of everything felt good, with plenty of mobility. The workmanship was solid. I’m particularly happy with the lapel width and how the shoulders sit, though in contrast I do think the jacket is shorter than my physique requires; the button stance could also do with lowering.

My tastes in trousers have rather significantly changed since I originally commissioned the suit, which accounts for the taper seen in the images. We are going to reduce the taper and let out the thighs a bit for some nice classic drape. The fabric is currently slightly snug on the thigh since I’m a quad-zilla, and while I used to like a bit of the snug sensation in my trousers I have since become much more inclined to enjoy the free flow of fuller cuts.

The contrast stitching on the buttonholes is considerably more striking than I had expected. I don’t regret the decision as I think it will give me an easy out if I don’t feel like going to the trouble of matching my accessories. If I get myself a white pocket square with a contrast light grey edge, it’ll be a get out of jail free card.

What’s next?

We decided to wait a couple of weeks to see how my weight stabilises as I recover from illness. I’ll then go in for another fitting and we should be able to finalise the details.

I did plan on having the suit in time for a wedding that is coming up soon, but life gets in the way of things sometimes. Given the expected weather, it’ll likely be too hot to have been able to wear a wool three piece anyway.

There are a couple of other options in my wardrobe, and you’ll likely see what ends up being worn to the occasion.

That’s all for today!

Thanks for reading. Be sure to stay tuned in a couple weeks when we may get to unveil the final form!

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