Christian Provenzano Patchouli Noir Fragrance Review

A prolific luxury perfumer, Christian Provenzano has launched his own signature line.

Presented in elegant black and gold bottles, the visuals of the line infer sophisticated and luxurious contents.
In the case of this one, at least, the scent fulfils the promise.

Patchouli Noir is what I would call a quintessential suit scent.
It’s the olfactory equivalent of a sharply cut two piece, crafted from a quality fabric with a timeless design.
Equally at home with evening wear, all I could think when I first spritzed Patchouli Noir was move over, Tuxedo.

Christian Provenzano Patchouli Noir review Australia

This is one of those creations where I find it difficult to distinguish top and heart notes from the base.
Instead, the elements all work together to form a harmonious creation.
It’s a rich, low slung fragrance.

The base of it consists of patchouli and labdanum, both of which are present right from the start and form the core of the scent.
Supporting roles are played by rose, osmanthus, jasmine and what I think is orris.
Top notes cite pink pepper, red fruits and bergamot, though I only really detect a hint of pink pepper for the first half hour.


Longevity: 1/1

I got a full day worth of performance out of Patchouli Noir, an easy ten hours.

Projection: .8/1

Slightly short of being a projection monster, and rightfully so, as this would jeopardise the sophisticated image.

Blend Quality: .8/1

All ingredients are clearly of high quality, and the blend is excellent, however I would have liked to see more presence from the cited top notes.

Presentation: 1/1

Simply put, the presentation is stunning. A sturdy box, built to keep the bottle safe from shocks, and the bottle itself is gorgeous.

Personal Smell Score: 1/1

Smells damn fantastic.

Total score: 4.6/5

What Would I Wear This With?

As mentioned before, Patchouli Noir is a suit scent.
I’d feel odd wearing it with anything less than tailored clothing.

Concluding Thoughts

It’s a shame Provenzano’s line hasn’t received more limelight, which I’d wager is partly due to the world circumstances of the last year, and perhaps also due to the line receiving less marketing attention than it could have used.
However, this release is certainly high quality, and I hope it sells well enough to continue production.
It’s one of the best patchouli based scents I’ve nosed.


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