Solving The Morning Style Crisis (How To Stop Staring Into Your Wardrobe and Build an Outfit)

Ever had one of those days where you can’t figure out what to wear?

You’re not the only one. And the longer you stand there, the harder it gets to figure out what you’re going to wear. You could stand there all day if you don’t break the chain. Sometimes it’s really difficult to break the spell, but there’s one sure-fire way to get around it.

It’s a simple solution, and one that’s often touted by some of the best dressers in the menswear niche.

Pick Out One Item, and Put It On

That’s it.

Just choose one garment, be it a shirt or trousers or whatever. Pick it out, and put it on.

Now you have a building block for your outfit, you build the rest of your dress around the one garment you’ve picked out.

If you picked out a shirt, choose some trousers to complement it. Then pick out a jacket, should you be wanting to wear one. And on it goes from there – before you know it, you’ve built an outfit. It’s not an awful rushed one either, because you picked one item and built around it with purpose.

Get used to doing this, and those wardrobe crises will be a thing of the past.

That’s it!

It’s really as easy as that. Once you take that first step, it breaks the inertia of uncertainty. The rest is easy.

Hope this helped you out,


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With content features ranging from appearances on popular menswear hubs (The Rake, StyleForum, Put This On) to French perfume newsletters and university course readings, Sam is a writer, designer and enthusiast in the fields of menswear and fragrance.

2 thoughts on “Solving The Morning Style Crisis (How To Stop Staring Into Your Wardrobe and Build an Outfit)

  1. That’s interesting solution! I also know that some people spend a day to take pictures of all their outfits and then, when they don’t know what to wear, they just go to their gallery and pick something.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve thought about doing that, but never got around to it. I guess my Insta could be seen as a slowly growing archive for that purpose, though.


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