Menswear and Clothing Podcasts I Enjoy Listening To

Looking for something to listen to? Here are a few great options.

While we’re all (hopefully) at home with a bit more time to ourselves, I wanted to share a list with a few of my favourite menswear and clothing related podcasts.

Included here are only programs that I listen to somewhat regularly. There’s a diverse range of views, styles and opinions discussed so there should be something in here for everyone.

HandCut Radio

HandCut Radio is a podcast conducted by British writer Aleks Cvetkovic (formerly of The Rake). I’ve found this podcast’s most recent season to be moving from strength to strength. Every episode has been full of interesting takeaways from a variety of names and faces in the menswear industry.

New episodes air weekly, during season.


Blamo! is conducted by host Jeremy Kirkland, and is aimed at exploring the fashion industry with people who are involved in it. This podcast’s guest list is of excellent variety, featuring designers, tailors, photographers, founders, stylists and a plethora of other roles in the fashion industry.

It’s quite a popular podcast and has been around for a while, so there is a fairly vast back catalogue to delve into.

New episodes air weekly, during each season.

Style and Direction

Style and Direction is a conversational podcast which primarily features the same two gents – long-time friends Ethan Wong of Street X Sprezza and Spencer Otte – who tackle a new topic in menswear during each episode.

Both of these guys are young and I like that they bring a younger viewpoint which is also budget conscious, given that, like me, they’re still somewhat fresh in careers despite their blog having been around a number of years.

If you like vintage style, these guys are super knowledgeable about it.

New episodes usually air once or twice per month.

The StyleForum Happy Hour

This is more of a recent launch, spearheaded by the StyleForum team. There are only a few episodes out so far, but each has a solid panel size which varies between episodes meaning that new and different viewpoints are regularly expressed on a range of topics within menswear.

New episodes are uploaded sporadically.

Concluding Thoughts: Plenty of content to keep you busy!

Between these four podcasts, there are hours upon hours worth of content to keep your ears and minds entertained as you go about your day. You’re certain to learn a thing or two from each of them, so make sure to go and have a listen!

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With content features ranging from appearances on popular menswear hubs (The Rake, StyleForum, Put This On) to French perfume newsletters and university course readings, Sam is a writer, designer and enthusiast in the fields of menswear and fragrance.

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  1. Hi Sam, thanks for sharing this sources. I was looking for some fashion podcasts to listen to and found your post just at the right time! Especially now, when all the work has been transferred online, I am looking for ways to entertain myself without looking at the screen. Podcasts are what I needed.

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