Fragrance Review: Burberry ‘Mr. Burberry’ EDP

Flying under the radar.

The Mr. Burberry EDP is a somewhat recent relase – 2017 to be precise – as a flanker to the EDT of the same name. The nose behind this fragrance is Francis Kurkdjian, well known for his personal fragrance brand and other designer classics such as the original Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier.

This fragrance is available surprisingly cheaply, and anything bearing Kurkdjian’s name merits a try. I bought a partially used bottle of this for less than $1/mL.

Initial Thoughts

The bottle is most certainly designer. It’s a sleek, black, oblong prism shape with a snap-lock textured lid and a little bow tie to dress it up. The presentation suggests that Mr. Burberry is intended to be a night time fragrance.

I don’t really get a particular mental image when smelling this fragrance. I do notice that it has ‘that’ designer fragrance DNA, but I did notice that it evolves a good bit from top note to dry down.

The Olfactory Notes

Mr. Burberry is a nice and simple fragrance, sporting only five distinctive notes to make up the entire blend.

The opening purports to consist of top notes of cinnamon and tarragon. I can’t really smell cinnamon, but I notice the tarragon which combines with the lavender heart note to give off a quite fresh and slightly soapy character.

Patchouli is quite notable as a heart note in this fragrance; its presence is used to provide a smooth character to the fragrance, and once the top notes dry down the overall character of the scent becomes very smooth. The lavender and patchouli heart notes are blended well with the base notes which consist of amber and vetiver, giving off a smooth, sensual, masculine vibe.

I must note that, as mentioned before, this scent does have ‘that’ designer DNA. What I mean by this, is that Mr. Burberry isn’t a particularly unique scent. Its overall character is similar to that of many popular designer scents.


Smell: 3.5/5

While blended very well, this scent isn’t the most interesting olfactory experience. It’s safe, pleasant and a crowd pleaser which could probably have benefited from a bit more pushing of the envelope.

Projection: 3.5/5

This scent had average projection on my skin, making it a suitable scent to wear to work in a subtle environment.

Longevity: 3.5/5

I get 6-8 hours of longevity from this scent, but if I want it to project then I need to reapply it around the 5 hour mark. Again, this precludes a conclusion that you could wear this scent during the day or at night.

What Would I Wear This With?

I think Mr. Burberry errs on the summery side of scent characters, but could be used for an early autumn or later spring scent too. My preferred temperature for wearing this one is in the low twenties (Celsius).

I see it more as a casual scent than a scent for wearing a suit.

You could safely wear it as an office scent in a business casual to smart casual setting.

Concluding Thoughts

If you’re looking for a safe, crowd pleasing, inexpensive scent crafted by one of the best noses in the fragrance game, Mr. Burberry EDP is a decent contender. However, being that it’s not a super unique scent, you might not have a need for it. If you already have a safe designer scent along the lines of Chanel Allure Sport, Dior Homme Intense, or any of the most popular designer scents, then you probably don’t need a bottle of Mr. Burberry.

That being said, since when has need ever dictated a fragrance purchase…

…and it’s pretty solid value for money, too.

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