‘This Guy’ by Jamie Ferguson Book Review

Jamie Ferguson is one of menswear’s most entertaining personalities.

First becoming known to me as a photographer doing much work for Simon Crompton’s Permanent Style website, Jamie’s photography is top notch.
The composition and colour grading is always second to none.
His series of amusing at-home portraits that he’s been doing since Covid-19 struck are wonderful, too.

So, knowing that he recently released a book, it was natural that I had to have a read.
We got a copy at my workplace, so I spent an afternoon with it last week.

This Guy Jamie Ferguson Book Review

The book is structured as a series of interviews, with various personalities within the menswear and textiles industries.
Each chapter consists of a one-page interview, followed by a series of portraits showcasing the interviewee’s unique style.

Some of these interviewees include Michael Hill of Drakes, designer Antonio Ciongoli of 18 East, Gerardo Cavaliere of Sartoria Giuliva, prolific creative Jason Jules and several others.

This Guy Jamie Ferguson Book Review

Jamie selected a great variety of people, with a wide range of interesting personal styles.
I saw a number of stylistic ideas executed flawlessly that I’d never thought of before.
The cover image, for example.
I wouldn’t have thought to throw a large denim jacket over a chalk striped flannel suit, let alone pull it off with flair.

Their personal styles range from quite sharply tailored, to mixing tailoring and casual wear in brilliantly louche ways.

This Guy Jamie Ferguson Book Review

I’m extremely pleased to note that there wasn’t a single printing error, typo or grammatical mishap in the entire book.
These days, that’s a rare occurrence.
All of the image work is exceptional, the paper stock quality is excellent and the binding is solid.
It’s really well put together, and clearly a product of a creator (and team) who truly cares about the result.
This Guy is a credit to Jamie and the publisher Thames & Hudson.

Find Jamie on Instagram (he’s one of the best on the platform right now) at @jkf_man.

Find this title available online at Booktopia.

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