Parisian brand Fursac just released a FW22/23 lookbook chock full of stunning tailored pieces

Leopard print dinner jacket, anyone?

The freshly released autumn/winter lookbook from Fursac, headed by creative director Gauthier Borsarello (a men’s style icon, founder of L’Etiquette magazine and feature in Jamie Ferguson’s This Guy), has been doing the rounds and generating a good deal of hype on Instagram in the last 24 hours. When perusing the photos, it’s easy to see why modern classic menswear fans are all for it; plenty of tailoring in chic cuts, and a host of evening formalwear cut from expressive patterns.

Black tie has been having a moment of resurgence in the last few months, as people across the world begin to venture out from extended periods of isolation with an eagerness to dress up and hit the streets. Fursac’s collection has nailed the eveningwear offering, with the options being cut from fabrics that lend themselves well to casual outfits in addition to gala events. However, while the aforementioned is the star of the show for me, there are some other winning pieces on offer including intricately patterned fair isle knitwear and a stunning brown faux fur overcoat.

Here are my favourite stills from the lookbook:

FURSAC FW22/23 lookbook dissection and discussion
The lookbook started with this which tan suede safari jacket over black turtleneck, pants and boots. It exudes a strong 1970s vibe which characterises the collection throughout.
FURSAC FW22/23 lookbook dissection and discussion
Brown has been embraced once more as a chic colour over the last year or so. This velvet number with colour-matched velour bowtie makes a tasteful statement.
FURSAC FW22/23 lookbook dissection and discussion
A stunning galaxy print velvet dinner jacket.The visual dimension of this piece is breathtaking in the photo. It’ll be interesting to see how it translates to the naked eye.
FURSAC FW22/23 lookbook dissection and discussion
My pick of the bunch is this incredible leopard print shawl dinner jacket, with generous lapel width and strong structured shoulders. Leopard print is poised to have a real moment this year, and this jacket is my favourite use of it so far. Hope they don’t sell out before I get my hands on one.
FURSAC FW22/23 lookbook dissection and discussion
I found this high buttoned 6×3 double breasted suit jacket interesting. A strong nod to the Mod styles of the late 1960s; something that looks unique and flattering on slimmer builds.
FURSAC FW22/23 lookbook dissection and discussion
A tastefully classic ensemble on this mannequin, again featuring velvet jacket with co-ordinated bowtie. The two bold print dinner jackets make another appearance, alongside a statement pink velvet piece. Look at how that leopard stands out!
FURSAC FW22/23 lookbook dissection and discussion
The faux fur overcoat with proudly popped collar is a great nod to rockstars and gangsters alike. On the right, we see a rarity; a fair isle sweater that scores a twofold victory, sporting a visually pleasing print and colour palette that will also coordinate harmoniously with other garments in a wide range of colours.

My favourite from the collection is clear. What’s yours?

Photos via Fursac’s Instagram page Their site can be viewed at

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