Fragrance Review: Maison Francis Kurkdjian – Grand Soir

A powerful, boozy delight.

Header image courtesy of Harrod’s.

MFK’s Grand Soir is a fragrance that will remind you of a good whisky. To that fact, it’ll make you feel like you’re wearing a good whisky. It’s even a suitable colour.

And just like a good whisky, Grand Soir is perfect for a luxurious evening vibe. Here’s why I love it:

Initial Thoughts

Grand Soir comes in the same style of bottle as most of MFK’s range – clear, minimal but with elegant lines. It has a gold toned lid, and exudes a luxurious image. The strength is eau de parfum, which is 15-20% concentrated strength.

The power of this fragrance is quite apparent – it wafts to the nose as soon as the lid is removed. The smell is sweet, resinous and gloriously boozy. It doesn’t really evoke any scent memories, but I find no issue with that.

Olfactory Notes

Unlike most fragrances, Grand Soir doesn’t have a traditional note pyramid of top, heart and base notes. Instead, it’s got a simple and linear list of just six notes. These are labdanum, benzoin (resin), tonka bean, amber and vanilla.

For me, the most prominent notes were the resin and the combination of tonka bean and vanilla. These pack a punch, and keep the fragrance in strong presence on your skin. I find that I can still smell it the day after.


Smell: 5/5

As mentioned earlier, I absolutely love the boozy power of this scent. If you’re into sweet and resinous scents, this one will be right up your alley.

If you’re partial to the odd cigar, this fragrance would be an excellent accompaniment to an evening spent sampling tastes from the humidor with friends.

Projection: 5/5

Grand Soir projected strongly on my skin for a good 8 hours – reaching a couple of feet – before settling down a bit. However I still got occasional wafts of it all the way through to bedtime.

Longevity: 5/5

Any fragrance that lasts overnight and is still noticeable the next day, automatically scores a 5/5 in my books.

What Kind of Outfit Would I Wear This With?

Any of these. Something smart, but with a touch of ruggedness. I wouldn’t recommend wearing it to an office job, due to the power. Unless you have your own office…

Concluding Thoughts: My Favourite Boozy Scent!

Despite this scent being boozy and resinous, I actually think it’d be quite wearable on warmer days as well as in winter. There’s a quality to Grand Soir that exudes power without being overbearing or thick, which is why I think this could easily be an all year rounder.

Because of this, I can see it being a great choice for a signature scent.

Grand Soir is a luxury fragrance from a luxury house, which means it’s going to carry a luxury price tag. It retails at $267 for 70mL from Mecca. I would recommend sampling it before buying, and perhaps considering buying a decant if you don’t wish to splurge on a full sized bottle.

Would I buy it? Absolutely. It’s my favourite boozy scent, and a fantastic one for evenings and date nights.

You can visit Francis Kurkdjian’s website here.

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