Guerlain Iris Torrefie New Release Fragrance Review

The latest drop from the vaunted house of Guerlain.

Iris Torrefie had me intrigued from the moment I read the note list.
It has some favourites.
Coffee, iris, amber;
alongside a host of other pleasant notes.

The Maison Guerlain line has played host to several excellent scents.
I approached this one with high expectations, despite hearing of mixed reviews.

Initial Thoughts

My first impression was one of surprise.
For a scent named after iris, I couldn’t really detect much iris in it.

It does, however, smell fantastic.
There’s plenty of roasty goodness.

Guerlain iris torrefie fragrance review

The scent comes packaged in the obligatory oblong bottle with gold-toned nameplate on the side, that characterises the Maison Guerlain line.

The Olfactory Notes

This fragrance might be named after iris, however in reality it’s more of a coffee and woods scent.
It’s quite a strong coffee scent on my skin.
Which excites me, because I’d been yet to smell a coffee scent that retained the coffee punch for more than five minutes.

Iris Torrefie opens with a sharp, fleeting whiff of spice and green, composed of cardamom and bergamot.
Coffee is cited as a top note, however I found that the coffee note lingers long beyond the top note and characterises the scent for quite some time.

Iris and ambrette are found in the heart.
The iris takes a back seat, however its floral character keeps the overall scent surprisingly punchy through the drydown and beyond.

The base is composed of usual oriental suspects vanilla, amber and a subtle hint of leather.
It’s kept interesting by the presence of a tea note.
I find the blend to be neatly unique and very much in a gourmand character, despite its classification as an oriental scent.


Longevity: .6/1

The biggest letdown of Iris Torrefie is the longevity.
It’s loath to stick around for more than five to six hours.

Projection: .6/1

The projection is also somewhat modest, but it does keep itself noticed.
Every whiff can be a touch hunger inducing.

Blend Quality: 1/1

I find this blend to be exceptional.
It’s tasteful, well balanced and unique.

Presentation: .8/1

The presentation of the entire Maison Guerlain line is exceptional.
But I’m a tad confused about the name being iris.
It’s somewhat misleading.

Personal Smell Score: 1/1

Two words.
Smells exceptional.

Total score: 4/5 B+

What Would I Wear This With?

Iris Torrefie isn’t a scent that evokes any particular image for me.
I think it wearable with just about any outfit, right across the spectrum of formality.
Perhaps err on the side of cosy, simply because the scent itself portrays cosy and thus leans wintry.

Concluding Thoughts

Despite being full of praise for this fragrance, I don’t know if I’d commit to buying a bottle.
It’s a deliciously delightful scent, but somewhat short-lived.
Retailing at $366 for 75mL, it’s a high priced entrant into a highly competitive field, populated by many competitors that can outdo its value proposition.


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