How to Manage Your Wardrobe When You’re Losing Weight

It is the tricky part that nobody tells you about.

Managing your wardrobe when losing weight is a juggler’s game; if you are in the game for a long time and dropping several sizes, it can quickly become expensive. Things may stay in your wardrobe only a matter of weeks or months before they become ill-fitting. So, how do you manage it?

My Experience:

Throughout the last few years, I dropped from 150+kg to a low point of 74kg. This made me a shadow of my former self, quite literally. Throughout this time I dropped from wearing 2XL+ sizes to an S. I also then experienced a levelling out, something little spoken of in weight loss journeys. For my height and body size, 74kg was rather underweight; I had become obsessed with seeing how far I could go. Once this novelty wore off and I began playing strenuous competitive sports, I needed to put some weight back on. I normalised in the high 90s, which saw my clothing sizes go up a couple of steps again. All in all, I went through a few wardrobes’ worth of clothing; to cap it off my style was developing and changing throughout.

If I had been purchasing new clothes every time I dropped or gained a size, we would be talking about thousands of dollars wasted. Yet, I managed fine on a student budget with one vital friend:

Thrift Stores Are Your Friend

This was my secret. I spent much time in thrift stores throughout my weight loss journey, which lasted approximately two years. It took a further two years for my weight to stop see-sawing and normalise in the range it is at. Through shopping for clothing at thrift stores, I was able to manage my wardrobe throughout the whole process and even score some great pieces that I still wear today. I stuck to thrifting sought-after brand name items and even managed to make a few dollars selling on the clothes that I shrank or grew out of.

It is worth it!

That’s all for today!

I will share some more of my experience in overcoming the unique challenges of extreme weight loss when it comes to clothing in future writings. Thanks for reading.

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