Video: It’s OK To Feel Good About Your Appearance

An important positive message for men.

I came across a YouTube video recently where the guys from Netflix’s Queer Eye gave a makeover to the husband of a People magazine writer, and it really drove home an important point. The recipient of the makeover was a handsome man, who had absolutely no thought of himself that way. He was a man who had no self-confidence when it came to his appearance, even though he really could have – and should have.

‘I Don’t Care What I Look Like’ is a lie.

Growing up, I was taught – as many men are – that girls are the ones who put effort into their appearance and they are the only ones who should be complimented about it. It was ‘masculine’ to put minimal effort into your appearance and claim you ‘do not care what you look like’. For many, this mindset is never changed or steered away through adolescence and adulthood.

I still meet many men today who recite this phrase. However, the look in their eyes and the way they carry themselves usually communicates a different story. I was one of them once. I repeated the phrase. Yet every time I looked in the mirror I felt rotten about myself. So what was the deal?

This video shows the transformation of a man who was taught this, and is set free from the mentality. It is a joy to witness.

Watch this man’s life change in 20 minutes.

It is OK to put in effort. It is OK to feel good about your appearance.

I love the positive message that the QE guys are giving out here. When you break that chain saying looking good is not supposed to be a thought for you, your life changes. Once you put some effort into how you dress, you feel different about yourself. You feel confident in more aspects of life than just your appearance. You carry yourself in a different way. Other people notice it too.

That’s all for today!

Just wanted to share this with you all. Spread the word, improve another man’s life.

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Beginning to blog at the start of his menswear journey in 2019, Sam founded this site to reflect the journey. Sam is now heavily involved in the Adelaide menswear store Beg Your Pardon, also co-launching Sartorial Social Club in 2021.

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