Amouage Interlude Man Fragrance Review

A beast from the Middle East.

“Inspired by chaos and disorder, this spicy and woody fragrance masquerades an interlude moment of harmony in its heart.”
Amouage’s description of Interlude.

The description given by Amouage makes sense when you first apply a spritz of Interlude. It’s like unleashing a big, powerful beast – it exudes strength through juxtaposition of notes, and carries a rock solid backbone of oud and frankincense, among other things.
It’s the first Amouage I’ve tried, and a splendid introduction to the brand.
Beware if you don’t like big, bold fragrances: this one won’t be for you.

The perfumer behind this fragrance is Pierre Negrin, whose portfolio includes a few other Amouage scents in addition to the likes of Calvin Klein, Ermenegildo Zegna and Jo Malone among others.

Initial Thoughts

Interlude Man gives me a mental image of the spirit of a fierce, powerful, confident and commanding Arabic warrior of the likes of Saladin. You might wonder how that connects to a young white Australian bloke with a taste for fine clothing and motorcycles, but the essence of scent is the spirit – it embodies the character traits one would like to display.
And who doesn’t like those characteristics in a man? In a comrade, in a partner, in a friend?

Interlude Man presents in quite a regal looking bottle, coloured in a deep blue and with an ornate atomiser. I can see some aesthetic inspiration similarities between the logo and presentation of this brand and those of Versace on bottles like Eros Flame, but I think that Amouage is decidedly more opulent.

The Olfactory Notes

Interlude Man is not a subtle scent. It’s a broadcaster, and quite complex.

When freshly applied, it’s laden with exotic spice and zest. Oregano is front and centre to my nose, backed by bergamot and what is cited to be pimento berry (I’ve never smelled pimento by itself so I can’t authoritatively say this).
These are the icing on a smoky backbone which is dominated by frankincense, with opoponax resin which provides the smoke accord. Additionally present are an amber accord which lends some smoothness to what would otherwise be quite a serrated edge of a blend, and a slight hint of floral accord is also present in what is cited by Amouage as cistus flower.

You may notice so far that these ingredients are quite a juxtaposition. Hence the description in the beginning of chaos and disorder – yet the harmony in its heart could be said to be the smoothing heart notes of amber and cistus. The base notes contain some more harmony…

The base notes of Interlude Man are a combination of moderately skanky oud, leather accord, patchouli and sandalwood accord. It makes me think, in a somewhat unorthodox manner, of what a motorcycle saddlebag might smell like if you were to have one made by a fine purveyor of Arabic leather goods.

Despite the deliberate juxtaposition, I find everything in this blend to work quite well together and exist in harmony.


For a breakdown on the way my rating system is structured, please read this post.

Longevity: 1/1

Amouage Interlude Man lasts a good 24 hours on skin for me, and stays for days on clothes.

Projection: 1/1

You WILL be present in the room with this fragrance on. Act accordingly.

Blend Quality: 1/1

The blend shouts opulence from the rooftops. It’s well balanced and feels like the ingredients are of high quality.

Presentation: .8/1

As opulent and inviting as the bottle looks, I do find it a touch top heavy. I have also heard that the lovely looking Amouage bottle tops have been replaced with less aesthetically pleasing ones.

Personal Smell Score: .8/1

This scent smells great, and for the most part I adore it, but I do find that occasionally my nose just doesn’t want a bar of it. I think it’s possibly due to the frankincense, as I’ve come to notice lately that my nose sometimes disagrees with it.

Total score: 4.6/5

What Would I Wear This With?

While its strength would make logic categorise it as a winter fragrance, I could see this scent being worn in moderately warm climates too. Being a Middle Eastern creation, this makes sense in my mind.
Either way, this is a casual wear fragrance. I think it fits best with scents that don’t scream British, like Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille, and scents that don’t align purely with classic Americana. Apart from those two, anything goes. It could be a date scent for a confident man, but it won’t be a safe one. Use at your own discretion there.
Wear a tiny bit in warmer weather for an opulent vibe, or wear a decent amount in winter to feel cozy.

I think it’s too strong to be worn with a business suit, but you could wear it with something more casual like a corduroy suit. Jacket, tie and trouser ensembles are fair game too, like above.

Concluding Thoughts

Interlude Man is a strong statement of a scent. It’s quite the high quality blend, and is definitely worth checking out. As I often do, I recommend testing it first rather than blind buying.

Thanks for tuning in,

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