Review: Polo Ralph Lauren ‘Dezi IV’ Slipper

A perfect pair to wear around home.

Why review a pair of slippers? Well, I’ll come right out and say it.

These slippers warmed me to the very idea of wearing slippers. I hated slippers for most of my life, just wearing thick socks around the house until I got these. I’ve now had them a year and I still love them.

I’m a convert. So, I’m here to spread the word.

Materials, Fit and Comfort

The slippers are made of a microsuede material, with a shearling-esque inner lining. From what I can tell, the inner lining is the main point of difference between this model and the cheaper Dezi II model. The rubber sole is glued on. I’d hardly expect a pair of slippers to be resoleable these days.

One could argue that the use of synthetic fibres diminishes the luxury nature of the product, but it certainly helps with the durability and ease of care as I will detail further down the page.

The fit runs slightly small. I am typically an EU43 (US 10, UK 9), mine are a US11 and I feel like sizing down would make them too tight.

Overall, they feel really good to the touch and to wear. I’d recommend wearing socks with them though as the inner lining picks up a lot of dust and other airborne household floaters.

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The Dezi IV is available in a range of colours with different linings. Mine was advertised as a snuff colour but is more of a tobacco shade in person (in my opinion). My pair have a tan coloured pony embroidered which doesn’t appear to be available any longer.

Moccasin styled design gives the slippers a nice silhouette, I quite like the appearance.

The current range includes the same colour as mine with either a green or grey pony, black monochrome, charcoal/cream, navy/royal blue and navy/red. Some models come with tartan linings rather than the shearling style.

Performance with Wear and Tear

I’ve owned mine for around 12 months and have worn them daily. I’ve found that the lining has squashed down a bit but they’re still really comfortable.

Though I’ve mostly just worn them about the house, I’ve occasionally worn them for doing light yard work when I couldn’t be bothered changing into other footwear. They don’t appear to have suffered from it.

The usage of microsuede here has advantages with the stain repellent and water repellent nature of the material. I haven’t had to clean them or care for them other than the occasional brush and inserting a pair of cheap shoe trees every now and then to help them keep their shape.

There have been no noticeable signs of defects, other than the usual creasing that comes with wear and the slippers are still in quite good shape. I think they’ll last me a long time yet.

So, are they worth it?

They retail for $89.95, but with The Iconic’s regular sales you can easily pick them up for 30-40% off. At sale price I think they’re a good buy.

I wear mine every day and often change into them as soon as I walk into my house. I’ve had mine for around 12 months now so the cost per wear is extremely low, even if the price does seem like a bit of money for slippers at first (especially if you would usually just grab something cheap from Kmart or Target).

I purchased mine from The Iconic.

That’s all for today!

Do you have a favourite brand or pair of slippers? Let us know.

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