Video: 1993 Ralph Lauren Interview with Charlie Rose

A fascinating interview from an elegant man.

Ralph Lauren has come a long way from humble beginnings. From a childhood in the Bronx to designing and selling wide ties to having one of the world’s most recognised and respected fashion brands, Ralph shows himself to be a man who has not let it go to his head.

One thing I particularly like about his approach – and I dare say it is a contributor to his success – is that he describes his target audience as himself. Like a musician who makes the song that they want to hear, this designer creates the clothing he wants to wear.

This is a great mindset to have in regards to work, life and play; do it for you!

Something I have noticed about fashion brands is how they live and grow when the founding designer is at the helm, versus if the founding designer is absent. It is the companies whose founders are present, who appear to have the most success. When that founder’s vision is absent, the clothing becomes more uniform; less individual.

You can see that here: Ralph is the embodiment of his brand.

Ralph is famous for being media shy, and it is extremely rare for him to give interviews. This interview from 1993 is a fascinating insight into the iconic designer’s life, views and creations.

Running time: 54:55

Give it a watch!

It might be long, but it is worth it. Happy viewing!

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