Cloth notes: Holland and Sherry Oceania 1619903 Boucle jacketing

Holland & Sherry 1619903 Cloth Review/Notes

My notes on Holland and Sherry’s fabric 1619903, a terrific looking summer boucle from the HS1916 Oceania jacketing bunch.

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Suit Fabrics: Understanding Super Numbers

When looking at suits, jackets, trousers and overcoats these days, many made from pure worsted wool fabrics will likely boast a super number somewhere on the tags. You will find these numbers tend to start at 100 (you can actually go as low as a super , brands simply tend not to advertise the super number on anything lower than a super 100s), and going – in some rare cases – above 200. There is a misconception that a higher super number means higher quality; this is not the case! It simply corresponds to the fineness of the fabric.

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