The Seasonal Sale Roundup: Wednesday, September 4

Spring is in the air, and many retailers are slashing prices as the season changes. Here are some current sales I have learned of, all collected in one handy location.


Bringing Back the Turtleneck

The turtleneck is a surprisingly versatile garment. Not only does it have practical considerations in winter, but it finds itself at home on a number of body types and in several different outfit styles. Along with its relative the 1/4 Zip, these are a great garment for winter. The style has been falling in and out of popularity for decades, and is recently coming back into the mainstream once more; which means now is a great time to try the look!

Authentication Guide: Is your Polo Ralph Lauren garment authentic?

Polo Ralph Lauren is an iconic brand that has enjoyed popularity for decades. As such, with the success of any clothing brand a legion of counterfeit garments pop up posing as the real thing; and for the bargain hunter looking to pick up a good deal on Polo merchandise the sea of clothing is rife with fakes. So, how do you know whether your next prospective buy is the real deal?