Implied Luxury: How Some Labels Can Trick You

These days, businesses have perfected the art of portraying a clothing/accessories brand as a luxury offering. This art has been perfected so much, there is solid marketing theory dedicated to how a brand can position itself as luxury. It makes buying clothing (especially when thrifting) a potentially tricky experience even for a discerning eye, but there are some key pointers that you can follow in order to discover whether an item with luxury looking tags is in fact a luxury item.


Authentication Guide: Verifying Armani Exchange / Emporio Armani

mani Exchange (A|X) and Emporio Armani are - in my experience - the two most commonly found Armani product lines in thrift/vintage stores and from 3rd party sellers on sites such as eBay. As with any desirable luxury brand, there are bound to be counterfeits; here are some telltale signs to look for when trying to ascertain whether your possible purchase is the real deal.

Authentication Guide: Is your Polo Ralph Lauren garment authentic?

Polo Ralph Lauren is an iconic brand that has enjoyed popularity for decades. As such, with the success of any clothing brand a legion of counterfeit garments pop up posing as the real thing; and for the bargain hunter looking to pick up a good deal on Polo merchandise the sea of clothing is rife with fakes. So, how do you know whether your next prospective buy is the real deal?