Q&A: What makes tweed itchy (or not)

What makes tweed itchy?

A common misconception about tweed is that it’s always scratchy; traditionally abrasive against bare skin, conventional knowledge often stipulates that tweed should only be worn as a jacket and with collared shirts lest the wearer run the gauntlet of discomfort. While many tweeds – particularly the more rustic in character – are slightly abrasive, this isn’t true for all of them.

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Is there a future for non-iron fabrics?

How to spot luxury cloth - super numbers mean nothing!

Crease resistance is a consumer demand that’s here to stay. Thankfully, industry innovators are finding ways to achieve it without harmful chemicals or compromising the wearing experience.

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Cashmere or camelhair?

All about camel hair and cashmere, two noble fibres which I’ve studied and worn in order to determine similarities, differences, and a preference.

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Can You Wear Tweed In Australian Climate?

There’s a misconception among many Aussies that tweed is strictly for cooler countries. However, we have a winter too – and many tweeds are great for our winter!

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