Five ways to style a black linen suit

Ways to style a black linen suit - tailored suits sartorial inspiration

Looking for a fun way to wear tailoring during summer? A black linen suit may be just what you need.

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Is there a future for non-iron fabrics?

How to spot luxury cloth - super numbers mean nothing!

Crease resistance is a consumer demand that’s here to stay. Thankfully, industry innovators are finding ways to achieve it without harmful chemicals or compromising the wearing experience.

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Blakesby’s bandanas

Adelaide custom hatter Blakesby has extended his offering to include some unique bandanas, designed in collaboration with British based artist Jake Smithies.

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Faded jeans and tailoring

Ivy style jeans and blazer outfit

The (in)famous jacket and jeans is an ideal combo for wearing your tailored clothes in a casual or slightly dressed up context.

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