Blakesby’s bandanas

A talented local Adelaide custom hatter and a personal friend, Blake has been crafting artisan hats in classic styles from his studio in The Mill for some years. This year saw him extend his offering to include vintage style bandanas, designed in collaboration with British artist Jake Smithies.

Named ‘The Wonky Thylacine’, these bandanas are discharge printed in the USA on a remarkably light and luxe pure cotton cloth in two colourways; natural and red, or yellow and black. Combined with the classical dyeing method, generous size and vintage art style, these pieces feel like they stepped out of yesteryear in pristine condition. Add to that the marriage of sturdy old-time construction and a supple, lightweight cloth and the end result is something that would feel right at home in the RRL catalogue.

The attention to detail in the finishing is excellent, with a selvedge on one side and three neatly sewn hems on the others. The fabric sports a lovely bit of slubby texture and ties a nice and crisp knot. You can wear it out and about with confidence; I’ve lost a few bandanas over the years because the knot has loosened and failed while I was motorcycling, but that won’t be an issue with the Thylacine bandanas.

Why the Blakesby x Bricketty Thylacine Wonky Tiger Bandana is worth your money

These bandanas work well with a vintage and/or Western influenced style, though I’ve worn mine only a few times because it feels like such a work of art. I’m likely to have mine framed and hang it on the wall, alongside the wonderful little card it comes with.

Why the Blakesby x Bricketty Bandana is worth your money
One side gives you a crash course on the star: the Tasmanian Tiger.

Why the Blakesby x Bricketty Thylacine Bandana is worth your money
The other side gives some ideas on how to wear your bandana.

At AUD$60 plus postage, these are fantastic value considering the luxe quality of the product. They fall within a price bracket that makes them a very attractive option for anybody seeking gift ideas.

Orders can be made directly by reaching out to Blake via his website or Instagram page.

Why the Blakesby x Bricketty Wonky Tiger Bandana is worth your money

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