Longines Conquest 1559-1 cal. 6952

I went a long time without purchasing a watch, but have broken the streak.

I went on a horological deep dive many months ago, which resulted in myself quickly attaining a modest collection of watches.
Enough to fill a 12 piece watch box.
Some were cheap, none were particularly expensive.
The cheapest was a Casio F-91W, and its big brother the A500W world timer.
Aside from those, there were two others that I bought new, with the rest being vintage.
One was the Dan Henry 1962 Panda chrono, which I still wear regularly.
The other was a Luch One Hand, a quirky Russian watch which only told time in five minute increments.
A couple of other Russians were in the mix, as they proved a good budget entry point into mechanical watches.
The crown of the collection was an Omega De Ville 111.0132 in solid gold.

After collecting those, my interest began to wane and I directed my money elsewhere.

Until recently, when a lockdown struck, and watches on eBay began calling my name…

One such lockdown purchase was the watch whose name titles this article.
I got a little excited in a bidding war and ended up with this lovely Longines piece.
1970s watches have some of my favourite horological styling, with a healthy dose of TV dials and many watches of the era sporting a somewhat squared case style with rounded edges.
It’s an aesthetic I’ve always appreciated, so it’s no surprise that this particular watch caught my eye.

Longines Conquest 1559-1 calibre 6952

The calibre 6952 movement is a manual wind with quickset date.
It’s the first timepiece I’ve owned that has the function; considering I have a few watches it’s considerably convenient for correcting the date to take a few seconds rather than a couple of minutes.
The outer presents quite well for something around half a century old.
It isn’t new, but it’s looking much better than I will be at 50.

The watch came on an aftermarket chocolate brown suede strap, which was quite a happy coincidence for me as it’ll pair itself nicely with my Crockett & Jones suede shoes in the same colour, and the cream toned dial is splendid.
I’m a big fan of markers in place of numerals, and this dial treads a happy balance between the two with the numeral font being an elegant one.
I’ve been wearing it almost daily since receiving it, and I can’t see that pattern stopping in the near future. It’s a design that can be worn at any level of dress.

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