The smoke: Davidoff Primeros Nicaragua Maduro

I have few vices, but do enjoy the occasional cigar.

Given I’ve noticed menswear at large’s general appreciation for fine sticks, I figure it worthwhile to write about my occasional indulgences here.
I’m not a frequent smoker at all, so these posts will be few and far between.
But for those who either like to smoke yourselves, or like to live vicariously through reading about it, I do hope you’ll get something out of this.

To kick this series off, I’m beginning with my most recent smoke, the Davidoff Primeros Nicaragua Maduros.
I cracked the tin to celebrate the end of 2020 with a group of long-time close friends.

These are the first Davidoffs I’ve had, and the presentation was excellent.

Davidoff Primeros Nicaragua Maduro review

The smell of the stick is delightfully heavy on chocolate, backed with green notes and a touch of hay.
Somebody more educated in the field could probably pick out seven more notes, but these were the two main accords recognised by my amateur self.

Davidoff Primeros Nicaragua Maduro review

I found that the taste had three distinct evolutions.
The first third of the cigar was sweet and chocolatey, just like the initial aroma.
The chocolate sweetness disappeared within the second third, being more of a fresh hay and green taste.
I learned upon the last third, smoking what remained after removing the ring label, that I shall leave the ring on next time.
The final part got quite spicy and peppery, which isn’t my cup of tea.

Strength-wise this cigar is quoted as a 4/5; however to me it started off fairly mellow – perhaps a 2/5 – increasing gradually to a 3.5/5 for me.
This is the sweet spot for strength when it comes to my own tastes. Myself not being a regular indulger, I find that particularly strong cigars overwhelm me quickly.
I don’t plan to become a regular any time soon, partly owing to the exorbitant prices of cigars in Australia, so stronger cigars will likely never be my forté.

While the smoke time is quoted by Davidoff as fifteen minutes, I found mine to last around twenty five.
It burns well and evenly, not struggling to stay lit even in somewhat windy conditions.

I’ll look forward to enjoying the rest of this tin throughout the year.

Davidoff Primeros Nicaragua Maduro review

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