The pros and cons of Dainite shoe soles

Are Dainite soles right for you? Pros and cons

Is a Dainite sole the right choice for you? Here are a few factors to consider.

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Do Young Men NEED Black Dress Shoes?

Black Oxfords are often considered a wardrobe staple. There is no doubting that – in the wardrobe of a regular suit wearer – the black Oxford should be.
However, many young men either are not suit wearers or they wear a suit in more casual settings. This begs a question: Do young men really need black dress shoes? If so, how soon should they land in your wardrobe?

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A Guide to Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are staple style which have been a must own in men’s wardrobes for centuries.They are timeless and a good dress shoe can be a wonder of aesthetics. It is a complex topic if you delve deeply into it, with a number of styles and a small library of terminology. Today, we will go through a crash course in dress shoes; covering the anatomy of a shoe, overall styles, toe styles, fastening systems and common materials used.

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