How to Put Together A Great Tie and Pocket Square Combo

Pairing ties and pocket squares is an art that - when executed well - provides a wonderful playground for self-expression in an otherwise uniform outfit. Making a good combination of patterns and colours seems a very daunting task to many men (I get questions about it regularly!), but it is actually a rather simple undertaking that boils down to one thing: harmony.


Breaking The Rules: How To Mix Black and Brown (And Get Away With It!)

One of the most repeated adages of style is 'do not mix black and brown'. It is a rule for a reason; most attempts at wearing black with brown end up looking pretty bad. However, rules are made to be broken. It is possible to mix black and brown, and look good while you are at it. In this article I will show a couple of tricks I use to pull it off.

Lookbook: June 2019

Starting this month I plan to combine a selection of outfit shots into a monthly post. Each post will showcase some outfits from that month, including a little bit of commentary about individual pieces. I have included links to shop the garments or similar items - or at the least, place of purchase - where possible. Enjoy!