A guide to Giorgio Armani men’s clothing brands and diffusion lines, vintage and contemporary

Guide to Giorgio Armani brands and diffusion lines (Pic: Richard Gere wearing an Armani coat in American Gigolo, credit - WSJ)

A guide to the various diffusion lines and labels of Giorgio Armani. If you’ve ever wondered who makes what products for each Armani brand, which labels are worth buying and which lines should be avoided, you’re in the right place!

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Choosing a Suit Jacket, Pt. 2: The Construction

Welcome to part 2 of the STS Guide to Choosing a Suit Jacket. In the previous instalment, we covered the choices concerning single and double breasted jackets, as well as lapels. In this instalment, we round out that knowledge with styles of shoulder and overall cut. We will also talk about the canvas; the inside component that gives the jacket its structure.

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Choosing Your Perfect Suit Jacket, Pt. 1: The Fronting (Buttons and Lapels)

Whether you are looking to purchase a suit or a sport jacket, there are many variables to consider. In this series, we will cover all of these; in this opening instalment we will examine single and double breasted jackets (and their different options), in addition to different lapel styles and your jacket quarters.

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A Simple Leather Care Guide

Leather is a common choice for shoemakers and is often seen in jackets. It is a unique material with aesthetic appeal but there is a caveat; you must care for it in a specific way. No throwing it in the washing machine!

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Bringing Back the Turtleneck: How to Wear Turtleneck Sweaters

Sean Connery Turtleneck Style How To Wear Guide

The turtleneck is a surprisingly versatile garment. Not only does it have practical considerations in winter, but it finds itself at home on a number of body types and in several different outfit styles. Along with its relative the 1/4 Zip, these are a great garment for winter. The style has been falling in and out of popularity for decades, and is recently coming back into the mainstream once more; which means now is a great time to try the look!

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