Lyocell and Menswear – Should We Wear It?

All About Lyocell Is It Good For The Environment And You?

Lyocell is a term popping up on fabric tags everywhere. What is it, what are the characteristics and is it worth buying? Find those answers here.

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Can You Wear Tweed In Australian Climate?

There’s a misconception among many Aussies that tweed is strictly for cooler countries. However, we have a winter too – and many tweeds are great for our winter!

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Is Polyester Really The Devil?

Polyester and other synthetic fabrics cop a lot of flak in the clothing world. They are cheap, they can feel less luxurious than natural counterparts such as wool or cotton and they have a negative misconception when it comes to quality. Some people may have an image of a polyester suit or shirt with an unattractive, unnatural shine pop into their heads when thinking of the fabric. It can be stated as a general rule of thumb that polyester and poly blend garments are not luxury items. However, synthetic fabrics are not just a method of cheapening manufacturing. They do have several positive attributes.

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