The Casio A500: A Time-Travelling Timepiece

There is a big wave of nostalgia for retro style digital watches at the moment. The Casio lineup has been faring very well in this wave with two of its retro models the F91-W and A158 reappearing on wrists everywhere thanks to their nostalgic charm and sub-$40 price tag. If you are willing to bump that up to between $65 and $80, you can go one level up and get a feature-packed watch that looks great and has all the bells and whistles: the Casio A500 range.


Tailored Jackets and Backpacks Do Not Mix

Backpacks and other over the shoulder bags are very popular ways of carrying your things, thanks to the practical nature of them. They are a staple of young people's accessories. The familiarity means both are popular choices among men entering the professional workforce. Unfortunately, this means they are often worn over suits and blazers; a sure-fire way to ruin the jacket quickly.

Two Classic Sock Patterns To Breathe Life Into Your Outfit

The menswear market is saturated with options when it comes to eye-catching patterned socks. However, many of these are not suited for someone who wants to err on a conservative or classic side; repeating avocado or doughnut prints may not be right for your personality. The good news is that gentlemen have had some option in the sock aisle for many years, and you can utilise those to add a dash of character to your look in a classical and tasteful manner.

How to Tastefully Wear a Watch and Bracelet Stack

The bracelet stack can be a touchy subject, with some loving the look and others believing that it is nothing short of tacky. Blatantly over-accessorising is an easy way to incur negative judgment from others, as it is seen as trying too hard. So how do you manage to wear bracelets together with a wristwatch, and not appear to be a try-hard? Read on to discover a way that works.

Thinking of buying a Daniel Wellington watch? Read this first!

Are you getting the best value for your money? Daniel Wellington is a brand that has enjoyed success since its inception in 2011, selling a minimalist design in a range of tones with colourful straps. Their advertising strongly implies a luxury product from a luxury brand. The aesthetic of their watches appeals to many people, [...]