A guide to Brooks Brothers sub-brands and diffusion lines

Brooks Brothers label guide to brooks brothers sub brands and diffusion lines

A guide to the various diffusion lines and labels of Brooks Brothers. Those that are worth buying, and those which ought to be avoided.

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Looking Sharp Without Breaking The Bank

In this post I want to help bust the myth that looking sharp is expensive by sharing with you an outfit that I put together for under $60AUD in total. You absolutely can dress to impress on a budget.

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Can You Get Good Clothes from Fast Fashion Stores?

Fast fashion is – whether we agree with it or not – a large part of clothing today. Retail chain products of the likes of Cotton On, H&M and Zara are seen on people around the nation every day. With the prevalence of fast fashion and the negative connotations that come along with the word such as environmental disrespect and poor quality as the cost of a cheap garment, the question begs to be asked: can you get good clothes from these stores?

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