Breaking The Rules: How To Mix Black and Brown (And Get Away With It!)

One of the most repeated adages of style is 'do not mix black and brown'. It is a rule for a reason; most attempts at wearing black with brown end up looking pretty bad. However, rules are made to be broken. It is possible to mix black and brown, and look good while you are at it. In this article I will show a couple of tricks I use to pull it off.


How to Shop for Jeans When You Have Big Legs: My 3 Top Tips for Buying Denim

Why is it so hard to find a good fit? That is the question on the front of most people's minds when it comes to shopping for denim. When you have big legs (if you are an athlete or avid gym-goer, this is probably you), it can take hours upon hours of trying to find a fit that does not strangle you or crumple around like a parachute. I am - and always have been - among this crowd, and today I will share my top tips for finding denim that fits.

The Resurgence of the Rugby Shirt

The rugby shirt has been a part of many people's casual wardrobes as far back as the 1980s, enjoying a wave of mainstream popularity in the 1990s when well-known designers such as Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren caught onto the trend and included the rugby in their collections. The popularity waned somewhat in recent years; however the last couple of seasons have seen rugby tops making a big comeback, with the last couple of years seeing them out in force.

Lookbook: June 2019

Starting this month I plan to combine a selection of outfit shots into a monthly post. Each post will showcase some outfits from that month, including a little bit of commentary about individual pieces. I have included links to shop the garments or similar items - or at the least, place of purchase - where possible. Enjoy!

Suit Fabrics: Understanding Super Numbers

When looking at suits, jackets, trousers and overcoats these days, many made from pure worsted wool fabrics will likely boast a super number somewhere on the tags. You will find these numbers tend to start at 100 (you can actually go as low as a super , brands simply tend not to advertise the super number on anything lower than a super 100s), and going - in some rare cases - above 200. There is a misconception that a higher super number means higher quality; this is not the case! It simply corresponds to the fineness of the fabric.

‘Not Because I Have To, Because I Want To’: The Suit as a Form of Personal Expression

It is a question rolling around in the heads of many a person. Men are no longer required to wear a suit (or even a blazer and slacks) for many office jobs now, so how come the notion of the suit and tailored clothing has stuck around? Why is it that bespoke tailoring is in fashion and the 'dapper gentleman' movement seems to be constantly growing? To find out, we can explore how attitudes toward suits have evolved over several generations and what those attitudes are today.