Sam’s Vintage Tie Clearout

My tie collection is overflowing, and it’s time to downsize it.

I have many beautiful ties that simply don’t get worn.
These include numbers from Corneliani, New & Lingwood, Canali, YSL and Boggi Milano.
It seems a great shame to let them languish in the depths of my wardrobe, so it’s time to let a few of them go, and use the proceeds to fund improvements to the website and content studio.
All are in good condition, with prices including postage Australia wide.
If you’re international based and wish to get your hands on one, please get in contact with me and we’ll see what we can arrange. Will sell as a package, too.

Canali brown geometric grid pattern

All silk, near new.
Canali ties have a little too much in the way of interlining for my personal tastes, so this one never gets worn.
The blade measures 9cm at the widest point, and total length is 159cm.

eBay Listing $59.99AUD

New & Lingwood Blue Jacquard Flower Print

This is such a lovely piece, I’m conflicted about ridding myself of it. However, I’ve far too many blue ties, and this one deserves to be worn much more than I wear it.
There are some stain marks on the inner tip lining, but the rest is in excellent condition.
Blade width is 9cm, and length is 158cm.
This one is interlined but it’s thin enough to allow a double four in hand on an ordinary spread collar with a tasty dimple.

$79.99AUD o.n.o., also listed on eBay.

Corneliani Blue Jacquard and Grid (new with tags)

Another blue one that doesn’t get used, despite its splendour.
Deserves to see the light of day, so it must go to a new home.
Blade width is 9.5cm, length is 160cm.

$99.99AUD o.n.o., also listed on eBay.

Corneliani Linen Repp Stripe (as new)

A great textured linen, this one. Lined, but not excessively so.
Blade width is 9.5cm, length is 159cm.
I’ve worn it a couple of times, so I’ll drop some styling ideas below.

$49.99AUD o.n.o., also listed on eBay.

Boggi Milano Navy Jacquard

Super versatile, ties with a lovely dimple. I’ll probably kick myself for selling this one, but oh well.
My loss will be your gain!
Blade width is 8cm, length is 156cm.

$49.99AUD o.n.o., also listed on eBay.

Yves St. Laurent Repp Stripe (Deadstock)

Midnight navy, almost black, with purple and silver stripes.
Lacks the construction refinements of the other ties, but still has a lovely fabric.
This one is shorter and narrower than the rest, too, with a width of 7.5cm and a length of approximately 135cm.

$59.99AUD o.n.o., also listed on eBay.

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Sam founded STS in 2019 to help his fellow man to dress (and smell) fantastic, and most importantly to enjoy it! He works as a fitter at the made to measure tailoring store Beg Your Pardon in Adelaide, South Australia.

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