Two Firsts: Trying Cashmere and Watch Caps for the First Time

Watch caps – a form of beanie – have been trending among the global menswear community.

It has been years since I willingly wore a beanie in public. I’m convinced that all beanies, including watch caps, make me look more like a dockside villain straight out of a film than a stylish man.

Fast forward to recently, when I saw on Swedish retailer John Henric‘s site a navy cashmere cable knit watch cap on sale for just $30.

I’d never had – or even felt – a cashmere garment in my life, and I thought the cable knit design looked pretty good. At that price, I decided I could do the proverbial killing of two birds with one stone and try a good looking watch cap in addition to having the opportunity to feel and wear cashmere for the first time.

So I bought it.

The Results

An unseasonably cool bout of weather in the summer allowed for me to experiment with the watch cap a few months before I expected to be able, so I took the opportunity.

I still think I look like a villain. I don’t know whether I’ll ever reconcile myself with that; though prominent stylish gents like Erik Mannby tell me that the villain aesthetic is part of the charm.

Regardless, it feels bloody good to wear.

I’d never previously tried or even touched cashmere before, so I didn’t really get the hype behind it.

But I get it now.

I think I’ll get a decent amount of wear out of this watch cap in the winter. I particularly like the combination of it with a cable knit sweater like my brown turtleneck pictured on the right above.

Watch Cap Inspo From Around The World

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, men around the world have been creating all sorts of cool outfits with watch caps recently.

So, I thought I’d include a few favourites to cap off today’s entry; some photos I’ll be using for inspiration when it comes to wearing my watch cap in the winter.

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Canadian Tuxedo Friday.

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Until next time…

What’s your thoughts on watch caps? Would you wear one, and if so, how would you wear it?

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