The Weekly Web Roundup: February 16, 2020

An eclectic mix of cool styles.

This week: ball caps with tailoring, splendid suit silhouettes, colour harmonies, rugged styles and more!

Let’s jump right in:


What I like:

If you follow my Instagram or regularly read these weekly roundups, you’ll know I have a thing for baseball caps and tailoring. This outfit is a cracking example of how to do it best; sack cut tweed jacket, OCBD, repp tie, flannel trousers and an old school cap to boot. Perfect.


What I like:

Everything here works excellently together; in colour, texture and pattern. Bonus points for utilising a tattersall shirt in a combination that I not only like, but would wear myself. That’s a first, by the way.


What I like:

This vintage overcoat is cut with such a grand silhouette, it gives the wearer a regal disposition. Simply marvellous.

Check out the lapel size!


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Canadian Tuxedo Friday.

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What I like:

The double denim of jeans and shirt work nicely here when aided by the brown leather jacket. I particularly like the visual design of the jacket; the short crop and military styled chest pockets. It’s a much cooler look than a Valstarino, in my opinion.


What I like:

This outfit has a welcome sprinkling of vintage charm. The chalk stripe double breasted suit is a classic, the narrow gap point collar appointed by a bright foulard tie caps it off. Hell of a birthday suit!

That’s all for today!

Which one was your favourite? It’s hard to choose sometimes…

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