Taking Advantage of an Unseasonably Cool Bout of Weather

A couple of weeks ago, we got some miraculous relief from the heat.

That’s right – it was actually chilly during summer! As a South Aussie lifer, this is a first for me. I couldn’t believe it when maximum temperatures got as low as 19 degrees Celsius one day.

Anyway, enough weather talk. Let’s get to the fun part; being able to put together some cool weather outfits without having to wait until winter!

With Pitti Uomo’s 2020 winter event recently finished (see my favourites from the event here and here) the bout of cool weather was a great opportunity to muck around with a bit of fresh inspo and outfit ideas that I’d been mulling over for a while.

Tweeds and Rollnecks

I was particularly keen to try out a couple of vintage jackets I’d recently acquired; one being a vintage Harris Tweed and the other a brown houndstooth with green windowpane overcheck. I also put a newly acquired turtleneck from John Henric into the mix.

With the popularity of striped tee undershirts in the menswear community lately, I thought I’d try a different take on colour co-ordinating undershirts with the simple casual outfit I put together with the Harris Tweed jacket. The jacket is a green herringbone with an orange stripe overlaid, so I decided to put on an orange tee in the same shade for an undershirt. I liked the result, but I think the combination would do better with a more interesting middle layer.

The Harris fits pretty well, though the sleeves will need shortening. The inner lining is in pretty average condition with the sleeve linings both coming apart at the seams so I’ll have to get those repaired before wearing the jacket regularly.

Saving a Sweater From the Sale Pile

I’d had a purple merino v-neck sweater from Boss lying rather unused in my wardrobe for around a year and was planning to sell it when the Aussie winter was approaching.

Looks like it might be staying though. I like how it combines with the vintage houndstooth jacket and its green windowpane:

I can see a number of different shirt and tie combos working with this layering setup.

I really like this jacket with its rustic leather covered buttons, hacking pockets and gorge height. The fit is pretty good and I don’t think I’ll need to get it altered – the sleeve length could be a tad shorter but I do find my taste leaning towards a longer sleeve on winter jackets.

Sartorial Sportswear

I put together a couple of winter outfits that fit into a niche I like to call sartorial sportswear; the use of vintage sportswear in sartorial outfits. Think things like cricket sweaters, rugby shirts (more the vintage players’ shirt than a designer type, but designer is fine too), vintage soccer jumpers and the like.

First, I wore a cream vintage soccer jumper underneath my favourite wool/cashmere blend Canali sport jacket.

I capped it off with a simple striped shirt and charcoal slacks. I don’t wear this jumper often, as I find it difficult to wear with much other than a simple dark denim. The fabric is also quite see-through and the presence of some rayon in the fabric makes it stretchy to the point that it likes to cling in ways that distort the stripe across the chest.

It gives me a bit of OCD, but I do like the vibe of it.

I was inspired to put this outfit together by Timothy (@induere_to on Instagram) who wears some seriously cool soccer jumpers in his outfits from time to time.

My other one that fit into the niche was a layered casual outfit that I used a vintage Adidas rugby in.

I can sense the Puritans wrinkling their noses at Adidas and sartorial being used in the same sentence but hey, bollocks to that.

As I like to say, your style is yours.

Anyway, stripes were the theme of the day with a PRL poplin shirt and a vintage fine wool scarf joining the rugby in giving the eyes a field of pattern to play on.

Trying Corduroy

I’d never worn corduroy before, and had picked up a pair of vintage English hunting style trousers a couple of months ago. I’d had this exact outfit idea rolling around in my head for a while, and had expected that I was going to have to wait until winter to try it out.

So, getting the chance to try it now rather than in a few months, I jumped at it.

There were two firsts in this outfit, as I’d never tried wearing a quilted vest like this before. The vest as a casual outer layer has a pretty bad rap here, conjuring images among locals of basic types wearing Kathmandu puffer vests as a fashion piece.

But I like a classically styled piece like this brown one I’m wearing above. I could get used to wearing something like that more often.

The rest of the outfit comprised a John Henric OCBD, vintage cotton knitted tie and PRL 1/4 zip sweater in pima cotton with my Dan Henry 1962 watch.

Conclusion: a bit of unorthodox summer fun!

It was great to try a few new things in preparation for winter. It’s always fun to try new and different things in general!

I also tried cashmere for the first time, in the form of a watch cap. But that’s one for a separate article – keep your eyes peeled!

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