The Weekly Web Roundup: February 9, 2020

Another week goes by, more men look fly.

This week: dashing three piece suits, a motorcycle worthy outfit, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and more.

Some cracking looks are waiting for your eyes, so scroll on!


What I like:

A cool mix of rugged and classy. I really like the details on the jacket; with the belt and all of the press studs it looks like something fit for a motorcycle. Hell, this whole outfit would make a dashing showing at a Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.


What I like:

As the caption suggests, this is a supremely cinematic outfit. The construction and detailing of that jacket is beautiful, and the orange polo gives a great 1970s vibe without looking dated at all. The pressed pants and boots give it an impressive casual flair.


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Anzeige. More tweed goodness. 📸: @dietzimage

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What I like:

This suit is a visual delight; from the interesting fabric to the wide lapels and wonderful double breasted waistcoat. It’s an elegant outfit that is accessorised nicely. The patch pockets – while trendy – do add a touch of casual flair to it. It’s also interesting to see a three roll two button stance implemented on such a wide lapel, to the point that the top buttonhole is visible in entirety.


What I like:

This is a nice example of a brown and blue tone combination. It’s a timeless colour story that lends itself to a great variety of texture and pattern play, while also being easy to accessories. You could just about pair any colour of shoes with this outfit, and that’s a testament to the colour versatility.


What I like:

While I agree with David’s statement that this suit works best with just one accessory colour, it’s undeniable that it looks smashing in that format. The dark fleck in the fabric does lend itself to blue perhaps more than anything else, though any number of browns, oranges or anything else that complements blue would look excellent also.

That’s all for today!

Which was your favourite from this week, and why?

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